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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Poll Results!

Here's the breakdown on how many handstamped cards you're all planning to send out this Christmas:

42% said 11-49
23% said 50-99
17% said 1-10
12% said 100+
4% said 0-3

So it looks like we've all got some company! LOL I'm in the 1-10 cards range, because I'm SUCH a putzy card maker, and lot's of my extended family would be just as tickled with a nice store-bought card (can you imagine?! ROTFLMBO >;o)

Thanks for participating. I've got another poll in the works but that element of Blogger isn't cooperating at the moment...

1 comment:

leenda said...

You can adopt me! I would LOVE to receive a Christmas card from you!