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Thursday, December 6, 2007

OT Photo - Backyard ducks

Wow - what a change from this morning's card, huh?! We put cracked corn out on the ground under the birdfeeder all year round, and some of the locals have us on their feeding rounds. These are all Mallard ducks. There is a man-made pond in the area that has a warm water feed so I imagine some of these guys have figured they don't need to migrate.

Sorry for the poor photo quality - this was taken out one of our kitchen windows. The statue is a concrete angel, the pole has a gazebo-form birdfeeder on top (and a squirrel guard - don't worry, they get black oil sunflower on the ground ;o) The scraggly shrub is a native Highbush Cranberry and the rocks behind are petrified logs, which are mostly buried in snow now. That beige thing off to the left of the feeding area is a heated birdbath.

I find it amazing that even when they are hungry at least three in a group this size will always sit on the outskirts of the group, facing outwards and watching for danger.

My folks and I are always sending critter photos back and forth (his MUCH better) and if I can ever talk him into doing a bird of the day photo on his blog, I'll link it here ;o)


Anonymous said...

Holy buckets, as Sydney would say! :) What'd the kitties think of this little show? ;o)))


NancyY said...

What an adventure to have snow outside your windows - and ducks too!

Here where I live the doves have been visiting our backyard - except probably not today as the landscapers have finally returned!

thanks for sharing!