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Saturday, December 15, 2007

OT -On a hh mission!

I'm on a mission this winter to clear our house of anything we don't like or don't use. I've mentioned our small area space and it's starting to feel smaller! I don't remember what got me fired up to do this a couple weeks ago - maybe my other off-topic ranting about my newspaper pile and how freeing it was to just toss it! That's HARD for someone with pack-rat tendencies - all the Cleanies out their are rolling their eyeballs at that >;o)

I know it's a rotten time to get into all this, right before Christmas, poor weather to have a garage sale, equally poor weather to schlep a load to the local charity, but oh well! Gotta strike while the iron is hot :o) (Must be an old blacksmith term - can you tell I grew up too close to the prairies of ND?! LOL)

So if you're here strictly for stamping info, I must warn you there isn't any today! I wasn't even going to share this info below but then I thought it might help someone else too. I did use my circle punch LOL but in the effort of getting the job done rather than following my perfectionistic tendencies to make it perfect, the letters are hand-scribbled on heavy manila index cs and not stamped on pretty paper like they should be. LOL To you who have known me awhile, see how far I've come?!

Here's what I did yesterday:

This is a closet I share with my stamping supplies :o) It's all tops of one sort or another. I got this brainstorm in our other closet with really poor lighting to make some tags for the rods like they do in retail clothing so I could see all the way to the back corner and know what's there (the closet is 10 feet long with one single door!) I just used large heavy weight manilla index divider cards, punched them with my 2" circle punch, and then cut them into a square around the circle. I cut the corners off with a scissor and a slit in the center of the larger side to slip it onto the rod. If I had a quick way to get larger circles I would have just used two circle punches so they'd be prettier - like donuts! LOL

I was finding all my clothes were kind of organized by type but in my denial of recent weight gain over the years I had not removed my too-small clothes. So I took each item out, and if I hadn't worn it in the last six months and still liked it I tried it on. Now I have to be honest here - every organization book and diet guide will tell you if your clothes don't fit to get rid of them - but I kept anything I was still able to wear as recently as last summer. I have a section that says Too Small right on the tag now and if they don't fit by this next summer I'll reconsider, but at least they are not in with clothes I can wear now.

So I have all the bottom pieces in the other closet with the following tags for sections: Jeans, Winter Skirts & Dresses, Summer, Too Small (by only one size HA HA!) And in my tops closet I have the following 3/4 Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Button Up, Turtlenecks, Polar Fleece (I wear ALOT of this because it's so warm and easy to wash), Sweaters, Zip Sweatshirts, and for Layering Only (slight stains etc. to be worn ONLY under other things) and Summer.

I'm feeling good about this set-up, so good in fact, I've been doing laundry all day today knowing I have a place for everything to go when it's done. It's been very motivating for me and I would be thrilled it it helps someone else too!


leenda said...

Do you have fever? Aren't we normally suppose to do these things after Christmas?? LOL Who are you & what have you done w/Nancy???

Juli said...

You're starting to scare me, Nancy... ;o)))