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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

OT - Lightbulb moment!

I have had a flat wicker basket full of newspaper pages on my living room floor for at least 6 months. It is full of really great information I've culled out and meant to reread, do something with, etc.

Okay, now I don't have it anymore!

I picked up all the paper at once, didn't even look to see what treasure I was holding lest I be tempted to hang on LOL and tossed it all in the kitchen trash!! I feel so free, and have already reappropriated the basket to catch mittens and hats as we come in the door.

Did I mention I saw a tiny spider lurking in the paper before I tossed it - see what happens when I let stuff pile up unabated - it comes alive! And did you ever hear that you will never be more than three feet from a spider of some variety in your entire life??! Don't know if that's true but it makes sense now LOL

So here's a freeing thought - what if we took all those unfinished stamp projects we have had tucked away forever and just tossed them???! Oh I can hear the gasping already ;o) But we would gain space and the freedom to create new stuff in the style and colors we like right now - now THAT'S potential! If you can't bear to toss them, how about passing all the fun little scraps and background paper to another stamper or an art-loving neighbor kid who can either use them or toss them guilt-free?

Okay, I'm ducking now in case the rotten tomatoes start flying >;o)


KathyR said...

I've done this w/ my scrap cardstock. I hate to do it, BUT, everytime I do, I feel so liberated!

NancyY said...

no rotten tomatoes here! I think it's a great idea, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed when I look at all the "stuff" I have.

I now keep a box that I put all kinds of scrap papers, doo-dads, stickers and the like and every few months I give to my friend who does girls clubs - and she admits she goes through it first! One stampers junk is anothers' treasure!

Evelyn said...

I am so in agreement with you! Now to do it! As it is now, I hate going into my craft room because of all the piles of stuff and all those projects I started. One day, I actually DID clean paper scraps out, and it felt good!!

Anonymous said...

I agree and will read and re-read this bold step you have taken and perhaps find the courage to follow suit!

leenda said...

I was thinking along these lines recently. I have papers that I bought when I first started out that I know I will not use. I'll probably give them to the Adult Day Care Center. They do artwork w/their patients.

Jan Scholl said...

never toss-recycle. tons of ways to do that. I keep bins in the garage-reusable, trash recyle and money recycle. the earth will love you more.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say.... I just might have 3 bags of stuff for you next time we get together! LOL

...and did you know that in your lifetime you will have eaten 12 spiders unknowingly (in your sleep)??? ;o)))