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Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas haircut

Warning: non-stamping related post!

I splurge very little and I am the lowest maintenance girl, but one area I can't allow myself to budget is haircuts! I've got stick straight hair that can be hard to do much with and any little mistake in cutting shows. I've been seeing the same stylist for years and if she ever moves I might follow her LOL When I went in today (for my once a season cut) I was teetering with getting bangs and Allison told me she'd love to cut them, so here I am! I wasn't sure at first, but I've decided I'm happy :o)

I actually don't wear any make-up - internal intolerance to anything on my face - don't know if that's allergies or what, and totally unable to use any scented products on my person or in our home ;o( (sad face because I love scented candles so much...) so that darker eye area and ruddiness is part me but mostly bad lighting! LOL Sorry for the poor photo quality - and it looks like the mirror could use a little better cleaning next time LOL


I Brake For Stamps said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!!

Manna said...

I think it looks good too :) I'm with you on the low maintenance and make up. I don't use any either. Waste of time & $'s. Ha!

Kim said...

The hair looks great!! gotta love low maint. i agree no make up is best, i don't wear it love the natural look.

Evelyn A said...

You are soooooo young, Nancy! Love the bangs. I used to be low-maintenance, but with age..... well, it just takes me longer. lol

My hair is also straight, so when I went from fairly short to a LITTLE length, I went to a body perm. So much easier for me. Straight hair just isn't the best for a Social Security cardholder. ;-)

Kristy C said...

It looks just great, Nancy!!

Pat Huntoon said...

I love your haircut -- but then again this is the first time I am actually seeing you at all! I am going to say what everyone says when they see an online picture for the first time -- it is not what I pictured you as! I don't know what I pictured you looking like but this is not IT! However, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside and that is a good thing : )