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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sympathy cards received from fellow online stampers - artist names are below each card...

Vicky S.

Vada S.

Trudy P.

Trudy P.

Trish G.

Suzanne K.

Susan K.

Stephanie C.

Sharon C.

Sharon B.

Rose A.

Pat M.

Pat H.


Nancy Y.

Nancy S.

Manna C.

Manna C.

Lynn K.

Lisa S.

Linda C.

LaVerne W.

Kristy C.

Kristen O. and Tammy

Kristen O.

Katie M.

Kathy R.

Kathie M.

Gerrie J.


Fareeda M.

Faith E.

Evelyn S.

Evelyn S.

Estelle H.

Edie L.

Debi W.

Chris C.

Cheri B.

Cathy Y.

Beth U.

Beth B.

Barb H.

Barbara R.

Barb I.


Juli said...

So many beautiful cards, Nancy. So many wonderful friends.

walder smith said...

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