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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The many faces of Stripey

Better read the previous post or this won't make any sense...

Chevy and Stripey

Groggy Stripey

Pensive garden Stripey

Watchcat Stripey, who never did catch anything living

Chevy hogging the toy, Stripey and Kitty waiting for him to tire and go somewhere else


Shelly said...

OK, loving and laughing at these photos too. Unfortunately my cats do go out and kill stuff. The tabby eats the heads off stuff and leaves the rest on the doorstep. The tiny calico just plays with her catches until they end up dying of fright and then is all upsest cuz they don't move. Thanks for sharing, hope this eases your pain some.

christina d said...

I'm sorry you lost one of your best friends. It's so hard to lose a pet. I hope that your other kitties are helping you in your grief. I'm unable to have pets where I live but cats have a warm spot in my heart.

Adair said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Stripey looks so much like my Howie that we adopted from Petsmart after one of our beloved kitties died. He has given us so much love. Thank you for sharing your pictures and memories of Stripey. He looks like he had a wonderful life with you!

Anonymous said...

Nancy, I am so sorry about Stripey.
He was the nicest cat. I just loved him, although I could barely tell him apart from Chevy. It just seems to sudden. And he was so young for a cat. You gave him the best 6 years of his life. Just remember that. I don't know anybody who loves their cats more than you. Call me when you feel like talking. Cheri

Manna said...

Great piccies and great memories here, Nancy! And Stripey was sure beautiful!

Tish said...

I am sorry, too, about the loss of your cat. I have a disaster story about one of my cats years ago.
She became epileptic and had seizures. Of course, I tried to find the best care for her. But, anyway, I became epileptic, too. Had a seizure in middle of night, probably because I was dreaming of her. I was taken to hospital in amulance and didn't wake up until I was in hospital. And that is stange because I am a light sleeper. So I know how sad it is to lose a cat since they are such a great part of the family.

I loved your pictures and your cards.