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Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi Manna :o) The quote on the card is from a Stampin' Up! set titled Quotes to Live By dated 2005. Sorry to all I inadvertantly persuaded to buy the tree stamp, but it IS a really awesome image and I actually purchased the Thanksgiving phrase that fits inside it so I'm just as sick as the rest of you! LOL But you have to love Eureka for offering us all such an unbeatable deal on rubber, right?!


As long as we're talking SU, I wanted to share a little brainstorm I had the other day. I find their blender pens to work the best for what I do, without the fumes of solvents, for blending. The easiest quickest way is to gently squeeze an ink pad in the closed position, transferring some of the ink to the lid, which you can dip your blender pen into. Anyhow, back to my idea - I took a Sharpie in each of the primary and secondary colors and colored each one on the white dots (that denote the three languages) on the double-ended pens as shown (blue and purple, yellow and green, and red and orange). Now I will use only the corresponding ink color that is on the dot at the end of the blender pen and will be able to avoid contaminating my work accidentally PLUS I don't have to worry about running all the ink out of the tip every time. I'm sure someone else has done this too, but I was thrilled that it occurred to me :o)

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