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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exciting News!

Are you curious, wondering where the rest of the images are, maybe? LOL Just teasing you till I'm able to post the full versions... Here's the story:

Shortly after I got started stamping, I had a really hard time finding domestic animals as unmounted rubber (which was a hard to locate by the sheet back then!) This led me to peruse all my antique child readers and other old books I had collected looking for animals I'd like to stamp with. I eventually had a sheet made with these found images, cleaned up minimally for better stamping, but left mostly in the authentic style they were first drawn in.

Mom has been encouraging me yearly since then to bring them out of retirement LOL and offer the sheets to stampers again, and then Della at I Brake For Stamps gave me the final push I needed to track down the molds and have some rubber made. If I remember right the initial run was about 10 sheets and were offered under the company name Rare Image Rubber Stamps for a few months.

I'll be offering them thru my ebay store for ease of payment options, shipping labels, etc. as soon as the rubber arrives, which I'm hoping will be in a couple days. I'll post full views as soon as the rubber gets here and is posted for sale. I believe there are 20 images on the sheet of rubber so lots to choose from! To all those I know personally, there is absolutely no expectation on my part for you to buy anything :o) unless of course you need more stamps, and such cute ones at that ROTFLMBO
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Manna said...

This is more than exciting! I can't come up with a word for it though! I can't wait to see it all! Any idea when? I'll be your first customer!

leenda said...

WOW! Can't wait to see them!! Your thumbnail images look like great fun!!

Shelly said...

How fun, I'll stay tuned!