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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shimmery Shore

Sorry for the absence of artwork posts - I haven't had a chance to stamp much lately.

This card uses a technique from the current TechniqueJunkies newsletter called Opalite Color Infusions. In real life it has a soft shimmery look overall.

Keep an eye out - I have another main panel stamped and ready to go using Innovative Stamp Creations flowers!

Click photo for more detail

Card is oversize and measures 5" x 6 1/2"

I started by stamping the main image in the center of a white panel, and then added images around the edges (all stamps from the I Brake for Stamps/Time to Stamp sheet of rubber) to my liking. I followed the steps in the newsletter to layer the color as shown.

If you have Opalite reinkers but not pads, go get a sheet of Rangers Cut-n-Dry stamp pad foam, cut a 2" x 2" square, add enough reinker for your project, then label the reverse with a Sharpie so you'll know what color you've got. These can be stored in a small sealed baggie.

*another tip*
I found that this technique transferred a lot of the Opalite to my dye pads, so I restricted myself to pads I didn't care much about!

I cut the image panel into graduating panels as shown, eyeballing sections ahead of time to see where the gaps wouldn't interfere (ie. thru her head, etc!) LOL

To line the panels up, I used a pencil to draw one line straight across the bottom of the black panel at the distance from the edge shown, and another along the side. Then I aligned the first image panel into this corner. The black panel was layered to a slightly larger white cardfront.

I stamped some of the elements on white scraps and layered them over black scraps for tags and the phrase line. The tags have black rivets in the holes, and sponged-on coordinating color for the edges.

Thanks for looking!


leenda said... usual...& you used my favorite color!

Manna said...

This is beautiful, Nancy! I love how the panels are different sizes!