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Monday, November 19, 2007

Enabler alert!

The other night I drove by our local dollar store and noticed they had written Scrapbook Supplies on the window. So I stopped in today to check it out and there was a WHOLE ROW of stuff!! So if you have one, better check in to make sure you're not missing something great ;o)

On another note, I had a great mail day and will post photos later tonight...(oh, the suspense! Actually I just need to go make dinner LOL)


Jan Scholl said...

good grief-there are so many dollar stores in my area-I would have no idea where to look. What is the actual Name of your dollar store? Most are so dirty here, like stop and rob liquor stores. Any clean ones or good chains?

leenda said...

Cook dinner? Doesn't your dh know you have a fan club waiting??? I can give you a soup recipe w/4 ingredients in it. That should hurry things along.....