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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Card from My Mom


Your name was drawn from this week's comments by an uninterested party (my husband - NOT a stamper! LOL) Will be happy to send you any one of the cards from this past week for your own use. Just send your first and second choice, along with snail mail info to me. Thanks Vivian, and to all who left such nice comments :o) I'll draw again next Sunday afternoon, so join in if you'd like!

Isn't this beautiful (see below)?! I got it in last evening's mail - it's a birthday card from my parents, handmade by my Mom. I actually got tears in my eyes reading their heartfelt messages inside. Especially in this day of everything technology there is something very powerful about reading someone's thoughts written in their own hand.

It's heavy vellum with a fern pattern on the back and a handdrawn flourish in black marker pen, with gold highlighting, on the front, all of which shows up better irl than a scan. Mom said she got the inspiration for the flourish from an old book on antique decorated furniture. She combined components of the three images above, which is a page from the book. The ribbon is a brilliant gold and so is the brad. I love it! Oh, and they generously gave me a birthday check which is earmarked for TechniqueJunkie (see sidebar) newsletter back issues!!

Stay tuned - will draw a name from the comments sometime before bedtime for choice of a card from those posted over the week! Yes, you can still leave a comment today if you want to get in on the fun LOL and each of your comments will be another entry into the hat. Sorry, my birthday card above is not an option!! ;o)


Valerie said...

Your mom's card is beautiful ! I would love to win a card. Thanks for the chance.

Valerei at

Shelly Schmidt said...

I will leave a comment- you must have artist in your genes!!! Your B-day card is a beauty!!! Lucky you!!! Oh- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Ret said...

hi Nancy!!! I didn't know you had started a blog & I'm so happy to find it!!! may not be able to keep in touch emailing (i'm not very prompt about it) but I'll love being able to comment you & see your lovely cards!! Your blog is wonderful, I'm enjoying it!!!

wooohooooo so you're Mom has gotten into cardmaking too!!! fantastic!! She did a beautiful, beautiful job!! I love it.

so good to know you're here. take care & say hi to Wade & kitties!!!
happy birthday!!!


leenda said...

Fabulous b-day card! It is so elegant. Happy Birthday Nancy!