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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shimmery Blossom

This is the other card using the same technique as the previous post. All stamps are Innovative Stamp Creations, from the Flowers & Elements sheet of rubber. It has the softest sheen to it irl. I know it's hard to tell from a scan, but the cardfront is metallic cardstock in a gorgeous plummy wine, and the ribbon is a lighter shade, also metallic-like.

Click on photo for more detail

Card measures 6" x 4 3/4"

This one went very quickly after I had practiced the technique. I stamped all the elements as shown in black Staz-On, then followed the TechniqueJunkies Opalite Color Infusions technique instructions from the current issue (02/08). See my tips yesterday to help you along with this one.

I colored the flower in with various colored pencils, leaving some of the background showing thru.

If you're going along happily coloring an image in with colored pencils, and then realize you've gotten way too dark, just skim over the image with one of those pen-shaped white erasers. It will take just enough color off to leave you with what appears as highlights.

I had been meaning to cut this panel down a bit, but decided I liked all the edges too much! Which just goes to show - start with the size cs you mean to end up with before you design your stamped images!! LOL When will I ever learn??? ;o)

I layered the main panel to a black panel, then over the ribbon-wrapped metallic cardfront.

This ribbon was actually wired, which I hadn't realized when I bought it. It's a good idea to remove the wire so it doesn't cause ridges under your cs. To do this, carefully push down one side of the ribbon at one end. You should see a skinny copper wire poking out. Grab this with a needlenose plier, hold the other end of the ribbon tight and gently pull on the wire. It should slide right out and leave you with a nice soft edge.

Thanks for looking!


leenda said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Manna said...

F is for Fabulous! Need I say more?