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Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Mail Day!

Sorry for the delay - had to run out to look at office chairs, but we found a nice Sealy one on sale at Office Max so it was worth it. Plus these cards I received are so wonderful they were worth the wait, right?!

This gorgeous card is a birthday card from LaVerne, a fellow TJer, that got waylaid in the mail system. She used the Spanish Gold technique from the current TechniqueJunkie newsletter. And I must say her's turned out much, MUCH more beautifully then when I tried it. And the phrase is one I have too and have always really liked - it's so true!

It's a little hard to see the beads in the scan (this is one of those cards that as good as it looks here, it is 100% even more fabulous in real life because of the metallic gold, and the beads that glimmer, and the center bead is satin black with molded texturing on the surface).

LaVerne used a piece of fun foam next to and the same height as the beads to protect them in the mail system and it worked great! Plus I have a spare piece of foam to play with ;o)

This way-cool card came from my Mom, who you can just barely make out in the background. I just love it, and the fact that the little cutie is me has no bearing on that statement! LOL Looks like I was a nature-lover even way back then (got that from my parents, definitely). The great photography is courtesy of my Dad. This card would make an equally wonderful element on a scrapbook page.

I love how the pink mulberry paper behind the frame continues the foreground hue of the photo. The blue green cs is textured, and matches the scripture phrase perfectly! The flowers are some paper ones we split last year, I think, and I know Mom thought she'd never use them all but she's doing pretty good so far! They're attached with antiqued brads. This card came in a beautiful handmade envelope using a real photo page with matching colors. I always know Mom-mail because the envelopes stand out so nicely from the white bill envelopes :o)

Now check out the frame on the card - I've got to get more particulars but she did tell me that Dad printed this one below out on the printer, so that should give you all kinds of cool ideas! You can see from the card what size the frames are.

Thanks for looking

(I have to go make a card for tomorrow's post now...!)


Anonymous said...

I love the card your mom (hi mom!) :) made and the way she used the frame idea printed out by your dad. Oh the ideas floating around in my head now! :) Of course, couldn't she have found a cuter subject as the focal point....? LOL!! (quote) This card would make an equally wonderful element on a scrapbook page. (unquote) Now if only I could get you started on one.....!!! ;o))))


leenda said...

What a great tip from LaVerne about the fun foam. I've got to remember that one. Now weren't you a cute thing! That touch of mulberry paper just enhances the photo. Excellent artwork Mom of Nancy!